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E Commerce Policy

Acceptable Payments Policy: We accept all major credit cards. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  We also accept PayPal Digital Credit card payments as well. PayPal Credit/Debit option has a policy where they hold payments for 21 days before releasing the payments to the seller. As this is an acceptable policy for Ebay and PayPal, it is NOT an acceptable policy of Diamond Jewelry and Loan. If you purchase your merchandise through PayPal Credit/Debit option and your payments come through on hold, they will be refunded to you and your order cancelled. We will not send or overnight store merchandise when PayPal payments come through on hold. This is our store policy.​

Please try and run your payments through our Credit Card Engine to ensure speedy delivery, and super speedy payment processing.​

We encourage customers to purchase larger items with PayPal Digital Credit. You can signup for this through the following link:  We encourage all customers to use this means of payment through PayPal only.

The benefit  of using this service is to receive 6 months of interest free financing.

Below Asking Price Offers: As our organization appreciates valued feedback, and suggestions from our customers, we have priced our merchandise below market value. We would kindly encourage customers to refrain from sending in below asking price offers. Our merchandise get's thoroughly inspected, refurnished, cleaned, and even customized by our jeweler. These are one of kind treasures that you will not be able to locate elsewhere.  We ask customers to acknowledge that our prices are, our asking prices for our unique treasures that you cannot find anywhere else.

Thank you,

Diamond Jewelry and Loan Management.